Do You Dream Enough?

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My granddaddy once told me that when our DREAMS are big enough that the odds don’t matter. Dare to dream and do not be scared to dream with your eyes wide-open.

You see, any dreaming is better than no dreaming. But, dreaming with your eyes wide-open is far stronger than most people realize. The dreaming we do at night with our eyes closed shut usually results in us waking up back into our old fact, in the identical place, where not much has changed.

Discussing with our eyes wide-open, something that some may call daydreaming or visualization, will many times end up creating a consciousness that’s much closer to Orlando Animal Removal what we want our reality to be. You see, at night we are just dreaming without taking action. Dreaming through the day, however, happens with our eyes wide-open. We are awake, and because we’re awake we can consciously move toward our dreams.

I’m sure a lot of us know people that are dreamers. And the funny thing is that lots of individuals talk about such dreamers like their dreaming is a negative thing. Dreaming isn’t a negative thing. Quite to the contrary my friend, daydreaming is a very positive thing, and so are dreamers. And the larger the dreams, the better! Now, I’m not saying that we all should walk around all day with our heads in the clouds. In reality, most of us know that we have to get our job done, and do what we need to do, right? However, we’re not working all day long, nonstop. And when we are not working, what’s wrong with daring to dream?

We can nevertheless be that great person that we used to dream about when we were younger, more imaginative, and more daring. Now adolescents, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. And once more, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

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