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Trump may well turn out to be the best thing that has happened to the people of the western world for a long time. While I am not a supporter of Trump as his values are the opposite of mine I observe the effect he is having on individuals (albeit unintentional on his part).

Trump is creating a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of many people in the western world.

Since Trump won the presidency I love to follow the news while driving. The news has become so exciting. Why? Within the Trump said/did headlines are inspiring stories of individuals taking a stand. They are standing up, saying no that isn’t right nor just, and taking ACTION. Since the announcement of Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord the stories on the news have jumped to a new level of inspiring, and additionally, these stories are carrying the majority of the information airtime.

People and organisations alike are suing the government. The judiciary standing in their own wisdom and power put a hold on the travel ban. The scientific community realising that to ensure change happens and shield efforts to reduce climate change, the ground and the environment they must become involved in politics and get voted into congress. Majors from many cities are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions.

Now European leaders are choosing not to participate with Trump regardless of the power, riches and influence of the US. These are only a handful from many cases of people making the decision to stand for truth, justice and what’s right and good.

Listening to a Professor of Environmental Studies yesterday speaking about Trump’s possible decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord make the most astonishing claim. He said as his initial response”Regardless of the conclusion of the US authorities the US Society will still back the Paris Climate Accord”. Notably he didn’t lament or criticise Trump, he did not bother, he was only focused on what could be done in spite of Trump. This is an incredibly daring statement and to me is symbolic of a real turnaround in human nature.

Today with the Trump announcement that “Possum Poop” is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord – the news is full of people, cities, organisations, large companies all talking about their commitment to keep on supporting the Paris Climate Accord regardless of Trumps decision. The news has never been so inspiring as it is today. Trump is sparking a passion in people to stand in their own power and wisdom, galvanising and doubling their commitments to help bring about a world that is clean and green.

People, Our Nature and Earth will be the winners. Being faced with the disregard for the welfare of the planet has electrified people to care more than ever before. Trump has generated an unprecedented dedication at a whole new level to caring for our planet. This will hopefully bring about a long-term shift in living in harmony with nature, caring for the water, the atmosphere, the earth, our planet. It may even create a contest to see who can leave the lightest footprint on the ground.

Just as wild fires are needed every sometimes to burn away the old wood, rejuvenate and seed in the new beginnings of a new forest, so too is the wild fire of Trumps ego and self centeredness sparking a new start in the western world. People are opting for justice and truth, balance and harmony and finding within themselves the determination required to stand their own wisdom and power.

Folks learn and grow by adversity. Adversity and negative situations give us the chance to find within ourselves the ability to push back on the negative and rise up to become more then we ever could be before. We also can discover what we really want, what’s most important to us by being faced with exactly what we don’t want. Trump is giving the people this chance, an opportunity even the best president couldn’t give.

This time in our history seems to mark a fork in the road. I am reminded of Hopi’s Prophecy Rock that has gained such prominence in the last two decades as a dire warning to humanity. “The brief line that contributes to the straight Path of Life is your last chance for people to return to nature before the top road disintegrates and dissipates.” Trump and his manners represent so perfectly the upper left hand road that disintegrates. The perfect hand path brings humanity back to nature”The little circle over the Path of Life, following the last chance, is the Great Purification, and corn will grow in prosperity again when the Great Spirit returns. And the Path of Life continues forever… ”

Trump offers us in the west the litmus test of this Prophecy Rock Life Path. It seems many folks are overwhelmingly choosing the right path over the one represented by Trump, of selfishness, greed, material focus and self-interest. They’re choosing the path of character, integrity, truth, justice, stability and equilibrium.

Trump is helping people to gain their own freedom, to truly individuate out from the mindless following of authority and we could no longer be beholden come what may to”authority”.

This is a revolution and evolution happening in the consciousness of the people of the west.

To understand exactly how significant the evolutionary change is that is happening now, we must look back at how deeply ingrained was the need to obey authority within the psyche and unconscious of humankind.

Happily Stanley Milgram gave us a step that we compare ourselves to. Revealing that we really are changing.

Milgrams Obedience Experiment from 1961. “The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They quantified the willingness of study participants, men from a wide assortment of jobs with varying degrees of education, to comply with an authority figure who instructed them to do acts conflicting with their private conscience; the experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of people were ready to obey, albeit reluctantly, even if seemingly causing serious injury and distress.” Wikipedia. 61% of participants continued to obey “authority”. While some eventually said no, even most of these people still applied the electrical shock a number of times until they said no and stopped.

Only a very few awesome individuals said NO quite quickly. Sadly no one explored what these people were doing within themselves that made them so different from the majority. This sort of experiment has been demonstrated many times with similar or even higher% results. The need to obey”authority” has been deeply hardwired into our unconscious.

Just 56 short years thanks to Trump individuals in the west are standing up to so called”Authority” because that authority isn’t acting in integrity with the best interests of all and Earth. All this is being done in a calm and proactive way. That is singularly incredible. I call this a huge paradigm shift in consciousness.

This change is not occurring in everybody nor does it need to. All that’s needed is sufficient people to produce the 100th monkey effect for these changes to become generative.

Trump has no power by himself. The only real power comes from RELATIONSHIP. Dating – with those who execute his wishes, the White House community, the organizations that implement the principles, the worldwide community and the People. Fear and bullying is no-longer a currency that works, just relationships that are respectful, co-operative, co-creative, based in integrity and for the greater good is going to do. Without these relationships he’s powerless.

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